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Accounting Services

Annual Financial Statements

Shand Thomson provides a complete service for all types of businesses requiring annual financial statements.

Your annual financial transactions are analysed and collated into an annual report which includes additional information to help you understand your financial position.  The report may contain:

  • a summarised commentary (in narrative form) of your financial performance, the effect on capital and taxation commitments
  • business and farm performance analysis highlighting trends over a three or five year period, tailored to your industry sector
  • farm trends and comparisons - your farm performance may be compared against district benchmarks and trends are graphically illustrated
  • a statement of changes in your financial position showing where your funds came from and what they were used for
  • summarised financial statements and annual cashflow
  • taxation summaries showing taxable income and taxes due for each taxpayer
  • financial statements that detail your income and expenditure, capital, assets and liabilities

Our annual reports comply with best practice and all relevant legislation for your entity type.

We encourage our clients to be proactive in their bookkeeping.  There are a number of options available:

  • manual systems with banklink or codeIT that enable efficient year end processing
  • banklink and our assistance with GST return preparation
  • manual and electronic cashbooks

Management Reporting

We are able to generate regular management reports that provide you with up to date financial management information.  These reports:

  • are customised to your requirements
  • highlight income and expenditure variances between actual and budgeted results
  • can be produced monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly or annually
  • can be used as a tool to forecast your income, cashflow and taxation for the current year

This service enables you to manage your business from a position of knowledge, with financial reports that are accurate and informative.

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Paying Tax Online ...

It's easy when you know your IRD number, tax type being paid and the tax year or period.

Our guide explains the important information you need to know so that your online tax payments are correctly recorded by the IRD. 

Holiday Homes

The holiday season will soon be upon us and the IRD continues to watch for mixed use assets.  You may be affected if your holiday home is used for a mix of private and income earning holidays.  Our assistance will ensure the treatment of your asset complies with the IRD's rules.

IRD Payments

If you have an IRD payment due on a weekend or public holiday, the IRD will accept the payment if it is made on the next working day.  Beware though as provincial anniversary days are treated as a normal working day.

Health & Safety Alert

There are health and safety requirements that all business owners must adhere to.   Contact Karen Morgan for clarification on your health and safety obligations.


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