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Investment Advice, Financial Planning & Asset Planning

Investment Advisory Services

Our relationship with professional investment advisors can be of assistance to you in helping you achieve your long-term investment objectives.

We are able to:

  • facilitate your introduction to professional investment advisors
  • attend investment meetings with you and your financial advisors
  • help you evaluate and implement the advice you receive from investment advisors

Financial Planning

Financial planning involves setting a long term strategy which takes into account personal as well as financial objectives and lifestyle aspirations.

We can facilitate your financial planning by helping you:

  • establish a clear picture of your goals and aspirations
  • assess your future financial needs and identify risks which may prevent you achieving your lifestyle objectives
  • document the plan and identify key issues
  • implement and monitor the plan

Alternatively we can facilitate your introduction to a professional financial planner.

Retirement Planning

Everyone should know where they are going and what they would like to happen when they retire.

Planning for your retirement includes the succession of your business to other parties.  This needs to be planned well in advance of retirement and assistance is often provided by an outsider, such as ourselves, who can offer impartial advice.

We are well placed to help you identify the income and assets that you will require to maintain your chosen standard of living in retirement.

Asset Protection

Your accumulated wealth is potentially under threat from a wide range of events including business or investment failure, relationship claims, the cost of accident and illness, and government taxes and clawbacks.

We can help you:

  • identify the risks
  • put strategies in place to mitigate risks

Estate Planning

Estate planning is important in ensuring the smooth transition of your business assets and investment to your family.

We can help you to:

  • Put structures in place to minimise the costs and disruption associated with death and succession

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Paying Tax Online ...

It's easy when you know your IRD number, tax type being paid and the tax year or period.

Our guide explains the important information you need to know so that your online tax payments are correctly recorded by the IRD. 

Holiday Homes

The holiday season will soon be upon us and the IRD continues to watch for mixed use assets.  You may be affected if your holiday home is used for a mix of private and income earning holidays.  Our assistance will ensure the treatment of your asset complies with the IRD's rules.

IRD Payments

If you have an IRD payment due on a weekend or public holiday, the IRD will accept the payment if it is made on the next working day.  Beware though as provincial anniversary days are treated as a normal working day.

Health & Safety Alert

There are health and safety requirements that all business owners must adhere to.   Contact Karen Morgan for clarification on your health and safety obligations.


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