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Business Essentials

Business essentials is a specialist unit within our practice providing a range of business services.

Business Reports

We can research and provide reports on a wide range of issues that require financial and analytical assessment.  We specialise in assisting and coordinating projects that require commercial expertise and sound fiscal judgement including:

  • business health assessments
  • feasibility of projects
  • issues and options for corporates and councils

Human Resources

Managing human resources can be a time consuming and stressful task for businesses.  There are a number of areas where we can provide you with assistance:

  • Employment Agreements & Job Descriptions
    Customising employment agreements and job descriptions to suit your business.
  • Staff Recruitment & Selection
    Assistance with job design, person specifications, advertising, short-listing applicants, work and personality testing and interviewing candidates.
  • Performance Management
    Helping you design systems to evaluate and review your staff's performance.

Business Plans & Business Start-ups

We can help document your goals and objectives to produce a business plan that will facilitate growth and development in your existing business. 

If you are starting a new business it is essential to do your homework thoroughly.  Preparing a business plan is an integral part of this process.  We urge you to seek advice before deciding to commit yourself.

If you decide to go ahead and start or buy a business, we can assist with:

  • advice on legal requirements
  • accounting matters
  • human resources
  • marketing
  • risk management
  • other requirements which must be addressed

Finance Proposals

We can assist with obtaining finance for new businesses or when additional finance is required to allow your business to expand.  Our close relationship with banks and other lending institutions means that we know what financiers are looking for in your finance submissions.

We are able to assist you to ensure that your chances of obtaining funding are optimised.

Estate Planning & Asset Protection

Estate planning is never an easy topic to broach but it is one that is essential to consider so that your dependants and/or beneficiaries do not have to deal with financial worries in what is usually a traumatic period.

Succession Planning

Everyone should know where they are going and what they would like to happen when they retire.

Planning for your retirement necessitates the succession of your business to other parties.  This needs to be planned well in advance of retirement and assistance is often provided by an outsider, such as ourselves, who can offer impartial advice.

Business & Company Share Valuations

If you are contemplating buying or selling a business, we are able to provide you valuable and objective assistance in determining its market worth.

When you want to transfer or sell part of your company to a family member, family trust or to a new investor you must have an appropriate valuation.  A valuation prepared by us will meet these requirements.

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Paying Tax Online ...

It's easy when you know your IRD number, tax type being paid and the tax year or period.

Our guide explains the important information you need to know so that your online tax payments are correctly recorded by the IRD. 

Holiday Homes

The holiday season will soon be upon us and the IRD continues to watch for mixed use assets.  You may be affected if your holiday home is used for a mix of private and income earning holidays.  Our assistance will ensure the treatment of your asset complies with the IRD's rules.

IRD Payments

If you have an IRD payment due on a weekend or public holiday, the IRD will accept the payment if it is made on the next working day.  Beware though as provincial anniversary days are treated as a normal working day.

Health & Safety Alert

There are health and safety requirements that all business owners must adhere to.   Contact Karen Morgan for clarification on your health and safety obligations.


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