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Our Success Stories

We acknowledge that it is challenging to study while working full time. Individuals opting to study need:

  • to be self-motivated
  • good time management skills
  • self-discipline and focus
  • determination
  • the ability to prioritise goals

Our team environment is supportive and nurturing to those who are studying.

Shand Thomson is proud to share the achievements of team members.

Tracey Murray

Associate, two diplomas plus a Bachelor of Business - all achieved while working at Shand Thomson.
"no student loan, owning my own home and overseas holidays while in full-time employment".

Megan Carey

Accounting Manager who has achieved a diploma plus a Bachelor of Business.




GST Refunds

It is now compulsory for Inland Revenue to provide GST refunds by direct credit.  Refunds by cheque will only be made if Inland Revenue does not have bank details or there are extenuating circumstances.



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